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The main purpose of granting scholarship to the students of the sansthan is to encourage the students to receive Sanskrit education.


Eligibility for Scholarship


  • The regular student of the Vidyapeetham will be considering for merit Scholarship subject to following conditions, if they are eligible:
  • 75% attendance is required for the award of scholarship and the attendance will be calculate on the basis of each class attended by the student.
  • Students who have been awarded scholarship in the First year of the course on the basis of merit are also eligible for scholarship till the normal completion of the course, if they maintain 40% or above throughout the course.
  • Promoted and compartmental students are not eligible for the renewal of scholarship.
  • Students who are not awarded scholarship earlier due to lack of prescribed percentage of marks may also be considered for scholarship in the subsequent years subject to availability of funds and recommendation of competent authority / committee.
  • Scholarship for the notified categories such as SC, ST, PH etc. will be available as per norms of Central Government/UGC/Sansthan provided, if such students are not in receipt of scholarship from other sources.
  • Scholarship cannot be claimed as right and the Principal of the Vidaypeetham or Vice Chancellor is the final authority in awarding the scholarship.


  • PRAK SHASTRI-------Rs. 600
  • SHASTRI------------Rs. 800
  • ACHARYA------------Rs. 800
  • SHIKSHA ACHARYA----Rs. 1000
  • VIDYA VARIDHI -----Rs. 8000

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